Automatic and intelligent dispatch to increase safety and efficiency of your business.

When dealing with any kind of emergency in the workplace, it’s important that you have the ability to raise concerns as and when they arise.  Through two-way radio systems, you will be able to create intelligent alarm systems to ensure your whole team is on the same page at all times.

It’s completely possible to set up an alarm handling solution for your two-way radio fleet.  What’s more, you can even integrate email responses!  Alarm handling can be a bespoke solution for emergency needs, which means that regardless of your business and/or industry, you can raise a flag to multiple users at once.

An alarm can raise to multiple devices, sending emergency messages.  This will allow users to react accordingly and to remain calm.  It may even remove the need for emergency services getting involved unnecessarily.

A smart alarm handling system will allow you to efficiently reach members of your team in emergency situations.  You’ll be able to identify key team members automatically, and an emergency will remain in place until all parties agree that matters have been redressed.  Ultimately, it means everyone can keep on their toes without the need for a single control operative.


Whether you run an office, a retail operation, or work in an intense environment such as on an offshore oil rig, it is crucial you have emergency procedures in place.  Even if your business and roles don’t seem to offer much danger, there still might be the need for you to raise an alarm.

This should especially be the case if you manage a large team, or if your team spreads out across a wide area or is out in the field.  Keeping in touch has never been more important.  Even more important, of course, is the ability to raise alarms to multiple different devices, and for them all to respond in unison.

You can’t always keep tabs on your team at all times.  However, alarm handling will help you to ensure safety 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It also means you will always have someone ready to react when you need support.  Why waste time calling around the channels?


Alarm handling for two-way radios can bring a variety of different features and functions.  As there are many different two-way radio services out there, the features and facilities you get from model to model may vary.

However, here is just a brief taste of what you can expect from two-way alarm handling:

  • Voice control and alerts – removing the need for physical control and displays
  • Instant access to emergency situations and for responders to react
  • Complete coverage 24 hours a day
  • Anti false-alarm technology – precision emergency alerts
  • Complete alarm support across various devices – two-way radios, smartphones, simple mobile phones, tablets and PCs
  • Automated scheduling and priority worker assignment
  • Multiple stages of escalation
  • No close-down until all parties respond
  • Alarms can be set up and optimised across various means and hardware