UTS offer rental services for a wide range of equipment, from two way radios and repeaters to metal detectors. We also handle the installation, operation and removal of the equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Whether you need security for live events, corporate functions, industrial sites, logistics and transportation, conferences or construction works, we have the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

Our equipment includes VHF, UHF, HF, walk through and handheld metal detectors, lighting systems, CCTV cameras and generators. We have successfully delivered security solutions for major events in Tanzania and we are ready to serve you with professionalism and excellence.

Sectors that can benefit from two-way radio hire from UTS:

  • Radio for Events: From sporting events to music festivals, radio for events keep your teams connected to each other seamlessly and instantly. Keep your car parks flowing, your attendee’s safe, and your venues secure.
  • Utilities:  utility sites such as power stations need additional radios for onsite contractors and team members. UTS offer a range of radios, including ATEX intrinsically-safe models for use during busy periods.
  • Transport: Hire from UTS can allow transportation hubs like train stations, airports and ports to increase capacity on their existing radio network during busier periods. For example, if you have a train station being used by thousands of fans to access a sporting event or concert, it may make sense to hire in radios to give to additional temporary, part-time staff. Hired radios could also be given to the event venue’s staff, allowing for better coordination and crowd control at the start or end of the event.
  • Education: From University graduations to primary school field trips, radios give your teachers and other staff the ability to speak to each other at the push of a button.
  • Retail: The retail market experiences peaks in visitors each year during major holidays such as Christmas or Eid Al fitr. Outlets and shopping centres often employ temporary staff during these busier times, all of whom will need to communicate and liaise with their colleagues. Two-way radio hire from UTS can be the perfect solution.
  • Distribution: Like retail, the distribution sector also experiences peaks and troughs in business at certain times of the year. During busier periods, temporary staff may be brought in on short-term contracts. Keep these new staff connected and supported by the broader team by issuing them with hired two-way radios. Hire radios can be added to your existing radio network for quick scalability and cross-departmental communication.