Transportation and Logistics


Umoja Technical Services Limited, we understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines in the transportation and logistics sector. Our two-way radio systems are designed to help businesses to adhere to schedules by improving communication between teams and departments and ensuring that personnel are constantly informed about issues that could impact on target times.

Whether you operate a fleet of taxis, a programme of coach tours, or a network of delivery drivers, our two-way radios for transport and logistics will sharpen your business’s efficiency and productivity by enhancing communication and coordination, and ensuring problems are dealt with quickly and effectively.


Two way radio communications can streamline operations in several important ways. Often, slowdowns are caused by miscommunications. It doesn’t take long for a tightly scheduled delivery to fall apart due to mixed messaging. With two way radios in reach, it provides a cost-effective way to keep shipments moving and truckers informed. Other benefits to logistics operations include:

  • Expect clear communications even in loud environments
  • Push to talk offers hands-free, safe operations
  • Choose two way radio models to fit your needs
  • Customize to fit your operations and workflows
  • Emergency notifications happen in real-time
  • Logistics can be more easily coordinated

Moving cargo has never been so important as it is today. Two way radios for transportation can help you get business done efficiently and quickly while reducing the impact of inclement weather and unexpected road conditions.



PUSH TO TALK– Simple push-to-talk (PTT) function to instantly communicate with anyone on your team.

FULLY SCALABLE-Fully scalable so you can add more devices to meet the growing demands of your business.

ASSET TRACKING– Asset tracking tools so you can instantly identify the location of every radio.

DURABLE AND ROBUST-Durable and robust for on-the-go use in challenging outdoor or warehouse environments.

EXTENDED RANGE-Extended range to keep your team in contact no matter where they are.

GROUP CHAT-Group chat so you can contact all members of your team instantly.

LONE WORKER AND MAN DOWN-Lone worker and man down apps to safeguard staff when working alone.

EMERGENCY ALERT BUTTON-Emergency alert button so users can summon help in critical situations.

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE-Extended battery life to ensure that radios don’t fail when they are needed most.