Manufacturing & Warehousing


If you’re looking for commercial-grade, versatile and long-lasting warehouse radios, your search ends with Umoja Technical Services Limited. We tick all the bills when it comes to providing heavy-duty two-way radios for manufacturing & warehousing responsibilities.

The multi-functional hand-held devices will enable you to manage the warehouse effortlessly and efficiently. From emergency alerts, staff safety, and staff tracking to heavy machinery operations, the whole process will become smooth with our radios. 

Your staff won’t have any trouble handling heavy products and communicating together due to their lightweight, one-touch Push To Talk button and hands-free mode. Their multiple channels support will provide flexibility and operational ease in both outdoor and indoor environments. This instant communication will make your entire operation smooth. Ensuring an uninterrupted communication channel for your workers also means empowering them to work productively. 


  • Safety – Without proper communication, incidents may occur with something as little as a misunderstood instruction. Not only do two way radios provide clear audio in noisy environments, but the radios we will look at below include features with Bluetooth, cordless options and emergency measures.
  • Efficiency –  Umoja Technical Services Limited two way radiosinclude apps for processing work orders, giving users quick access to the data they need.
  • Individual/group communication. Manufacturing operations require flexibility in communication, so our two-way radios offer the versatility of individual or group communication channels. Whether you need to discuss a specific task with a single member of the workforce or share important information with the entire team, two-way radios provide you with effective communication whenever you need. The adaptability of two-way radios ensures that information is conveyed efficiently and is tailored to the scale and scope of the task at hand.


  • Productivity – With constant pressure from customers, manufacturers are working hard to do more in less time. Having two way radios as communication tools allows your employee to work at their best, and find solutions quickly to problems that may occur.
  • Plant coverage.Manufacturing facilities are often expansive, with many departments and work areas. Two-way radios provide wide plant coverage, even where there is limited network availability, ensuring that communication remains seamless across the entire site. From the production floor to the warehouse, two-way radios bridge communication gaps, facilitating effective coordination and collaboration between staff in different locations.
  • A rugged and reliable solution. Industrial environments expose communication devices to potential damage, from physical impact to dust and moisture. Our two-way radios are designed to be rugged and reliable, capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of manufacturing and warehousing. Built to endure the harshest of environments, two-way radios for manufacturing deliver continuous communication, even in the face of challenging settings.


PUSH-TO-TALK : One-touch push-to-talk (PTT) functionality for instant communication.

LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE & WATERPROOF : Lightweight, durable, and waterproof design to resist harsh environmental conditions.

MACHINE INTEGRATION : Integration with third-party machinery to support maintenance and repair teams to enact a rapid response when technical problems occur.

GROUP MANAGEMENT : Group management to ensure that messages are targeted at relevant departments or teams.

GPS TRACKING : GPS tracking so managers can check on the location of staff at any time or to deploy resources more efficiently.

LONE WORKER & MAN DOWN : Lone worker and man-down features to reduce accidents and improve response times when critical incidents occur.

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE : Extended battery life of 12 hours, eradicating the problems of devices suddenly ceasing to function.

NOISE CANCELLING : Noise cancelling capability to ensure the noise of machinery doesn’t interfere with the quality of conversations.

WIDE COVERAGE : Extensive range that keeps all staff in contact across the site, including outdoors