System Designs

For larger organisations, no two communication requirements are the same. This is why Umoja Technical Services Limited  call on our decades of experience to design bespoke solutions to meet your exacting needs. As a starting point, we look to understand the requirements for your solution around the Cs of communication – Coverage, Capacity, Cost, Control and Capabilities.

Firstly, we establish your required operational area for Coverage. From back-to-back radios to multi-site systems linked over IP, Umoja Technical Services Limited  can build a scalable solution built around your businesses current and future requirements. We can even utilize cellular and Wi-Fi networks on certain devices to provide coverage across your country and beyond.


Next, we consider what the Capacity of your system needs to be. How many devices and radio talk groups are needed for day-to-day operations? How will this be affected by emergency situations or a potential large scale expansion? For example, would priority call levels be a benefit in any circumstances to ensure key systems users can respond quickly in a crisis?

With any investment, Umoja Technical Services Limited understands cost is a key factor. Two-Way radios systems are proving time and again to be a cost-effective platform for onsite communications with predictable costs and little reliance on third-party networks. Umoja Technical Services Limited  can demonstrate to you how our offerings provide a fast return-on-investment whether you wish to purchase outright, hire or lease your communications equipment.

Control over your communications network is vital, and Umoja Technical Services Limited  ensure you understand the benefits of the associated priorities, security and operation of your system.