Umoja Technical Services Limited supply the healthcare industry with reliable and durable two-way radio solutions, helping to improve connectivity and collaboration in hospitals, care homes, medical practices, and pharmacies.

Our two-way radios are designed for the challenges of everyday usage in busy healthcare settings, and are ideal for complex and sprawling sites with multiple departments. With the care of patients being the priority, it is crucial that healthcare professionals can communicate quickly to make timely decisions to improve treatment outcomes, or to ensure that expert help is on-hand whenever it is needed.


  • Improved real-time communicationReal-time communication among staff members can improve service within medical facilities. It provides a reliable experience for patients and visitors where hospital workers can respond swiftly.
  • Increased productivity – mobile efficiency Medical staff, security, kitchen staff, among others, can utilize two-way radios without having to drop whatever they are doing. Radios offer staff a mobile, efficient option for responding to other members. No more wasting time searching an address book or spending time reading text messages. Workers have a direct, push-to-talk option for answering calls.
  • Quick response to emergenciesWith heavy-duty two-way radios, emergency incidents will be responded to in a flash. If workers are able to utilize reliable devices, they will always have the right information, limiting the possibilities of worst-case scenarios.
  • Enhanced safety and securityHeavy duty two-way radios are critical for a safe and secure surrounding. Patients, staff, and visitors need to feel safe within and around medical facilities. Heavy-duty radios provide high-performance communication, which is reliable when dealing with security matters.
  • Facility maintenance and disaster preparednessTo ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is important to have the facility maintained, with proper preparation in case disaster strikes. Collaboration is necessary during the maintenance process, where each party must respond accordingly. What better way to do this than to integrate two-way communication devices?
  • Coordination of social activities and eventsFor organizing social activities or events to connect with the rest of the community, two-way radios are a great option. When cellular network or internet coverage is affected, your two-way radios won’t be. Contrary to recreational walkie-talkies, which often lack durability and range, heavy-duty radios provide an advanced long-lasting communication option for event organizers.


PUSH TO TALK– Simple push-to-talk (PTT) function to instantly communicate with anyone on your team.

FULLY SCALABLE-Fully scalable so you can add more devices to meet the growing demands of your healthcare.

ASSET TRACKING– Asset tracking tools so you can instantly identify the location of every radio.

EXTENDED RANGE-Extended range to keep your team in contact no matter where they are.

GROUP CHAT-Group chat so you can contact all members of your team instantly.

EMERGENCY ALERT BUTTON-Emergency alert button so users can summon help in critical situations.

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE-Extended battery life to ensure that radios don’t fail when they are needed most.