Our Services

Umoja Technical Service offers high quality, cost effective professional services to clients in the field of :- Security, Construction, Ports, Police, Military, Railways, Natural Resources and Tourism,Municipals,Water Agencies, Tanesco, Industries, Hospitals, Malls and Super Markets, Transportation Buses and trucks etc.

Our Experience

One of the greatest strength of Umoja Technical Service is its experience and expertise in Managing and Operating:-

Telecommunication Equipments

Fleet management by use of GPS systems
PABX equipment and Telephone instruments
HF,VHF and UHF Radio systems

Electronics Equipments

Security System
Music System
Solar Systems

Scientific Equipments

Laboratory measuring instruments
Test Gears

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Location :

Dar es Salaam – Tanzania.
Plot – KAW/768 Mlalakuwa.

Survey Area, University of Dar es Salaam Road.

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