In the construction industries, communication equipment needs to be tough enough to withstand harsh environments. Our two-way radios are designed to meet this challenge, with features such as water resistance, dust resistance, and drop resistance. In addition, our solutions enable real-time communication between workers and supervisors, helping to improve safety and efficiency


  • Reliable and Clear Communication

Construction sites can be anywhere, from city centers to the middle of the mountains; ironically, both of those areas can potentially have low cellular connection rates. Even in low cellular signal areas, two-way radios can operate to the highest capacity (“What is Two-Way Radio”). Therefore, they provide reliable communication even in challenging environments.

  • Stay on Schedule and Reduce Errors

Two-way radios offer an ease of communication between coworkers, contractors, project managers, and anyone else on site. Radios allow for workers to be able to check in with the head contractors and vice versa to make sure all is in order and well throughout the shift .

  • Long Battery Life

Other common communications technology like cell phones and computers do not come with long-lasting batteries. Most cell phones have an average of a six-hour battery if it is being used consistently. This timing is not compatible with a construction site job because many construction site shifts last eight or more hours at a time.

  • Safety Standards

Two-way radios offer quick communication between employees. They can let coworkers and managers know of any complications on the job. For instance, if there is a machine that is not working properly, that pertinent information can be relayed to the entire crew quickly over two-way radios.

  • Durable Technology

In addition to two-way radios being able to connect anywhere, they are also reliable because of the durability. Construction sites are filled with plenty of opportunities to break fragile technology, anywhere from high drops to working during peak temperatures.


  • Extended 12 hour battery life
  • Wide coverage range
  • Emergency alert function
  • Hands-free operation
  • Group and private communication channels
  • Noise cancelling features
  • One-touch calling
  • Man downand lone worker modes