At Umoja Technical Services Limited, our two-way radio systems for schools, colleges, and universities help to ensure that educational establishments are safe and secure, and that students can learn with confidence, on or off-site.

From small primary schools using low-cost licence-free radios, to internationally renowned universities operating across multiple repeater sites with a thousand devices, we devise effective communication solutions that keep staff in touch, with the assurance that their systems will deliver consistently reliable service.


MAINTAINING THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT-Well-maintained and spotless environments play a crucial role in supporting high standards of teaching and learning, and maintenance teams need to be able to respond quickly when a problem occurs. With two-way radios, site managers can efficiently coordinate their staff and deploy them effectively to ensure that the learning environment and essential facilities are safe, clean, and in good condition.

PROMPT INCIDENT REPORTING-With a direct means of communication, education staff can instantly report incidents to managers to ensure a timely and proportionate response. Real-time reporting leads to a more proactive approach to resolving problems and maintaining order within the establishment and helps to prevent a minor problem from escalating.

DEPLOYING SUPPORT STAFF EFFICIENTLY-Support staff, such as teaching assistants, play a crucial role in schools and other educational establishments, and are often the first port of call when help is needed in a classroom. By equipping your staff with two-way radios for education, you will be able to deploy staff to ensure that students’ needs are met more quickly, freeing teaching professionals from distracting tasks that divert them from their main responsibilities.

PROTECTING STAFF-If an emergency arises, teachers or teaching assistants can immediately communicate with colleagues and administrative staff to ensure and coordinate a swift response. Whether a medical crisis or a serious security threat arises, two-way radios ensure that everyone in the building is safe.

INSTIGATING EMERGENCY PLANS-It is imperative that all educational establishments are well-prepared for emergencies and have rehearsed evacuation and lockdown plansin the event of a critical situation. Two-way radios also play a crucial role in mitigating danger by supporting teaching staff and security personnel to quickly and effectively communicate emergency necessary protocols to ensure the safety of everyone.

COORDINATING ON-SITE ACTIVITIES-Schools, colleges and universities are about so much more than learning, with a rich programme of cultural, social, and sporting activities in which students can participate. Educational two-way radios support the coordination of on-site activities, making it easier for staff to manage events and extracurricular programmes, adhere to schedules, and respond promptly to unforeseen issues.

MANAGING OFF-SITE LEARNING-Off-site learning and field trips have the potential to expose students to risks not ordinarily present in the classroom, so two-way radios can play a key role in keeping them safe. Staff can communicate quickly to ensure that all learners are in the right place at the right time, coordinate learning activities, or respond if an emergency arises.


PUSH-TO-TALK-One-touch push-to-talk functionality for instant communication.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE-Lightweight and durable design for use in classroom and off-site locations.

DEPARTMENT CHANNELS-Different channels for different departments within the organisation.

COVER THE CAMPUS-Excellent range to ensure that all parts of the premises are within reach.

LONE WORKERLone worker status for staff working alone or with potentially challenging students.

EMERGENCY FEATURE-Digital emergency feature to rapidly alert colleagues if a serious incident occurs.

LONG BATTERY LIFE-Long battery life so the radio won’t let you down when you most need it.