ICT Services

ICT tools and systems are designed to improve the way humans create, process and share data or information with each other. They also aim to help them enhance their abilities in various domains, such as business, education, medicine, real-world problem-solving and even leisure activities related to sports, music, and movies. Umoja Technical Services limited is a company that provides and delivers high quality, flexible devices, applications and services that are easy to maintain and are reliable, secure and easy to deploy. Some of the products and services offered by Umoja Technical Services limited are:


– Devices: UTS supplies desktop PCs, portable laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, servers, USB flash drives, hard disk drives and more. The company also provides maintenance and repair services by identifying, troubleshooting and resolving systems and hardware issues. Moreover, the company ensures the safekeeping of computer hardware and accessories.

– Web programming: UTS offers web design and development, custom software applications, electronic payment integrations, mobile apps and web portal development, online platform administration, business intelligence (BI) and reporting, e-commerce development and more.

– Installation and customization: UTS utilizes available resources to install both hardware and software to achieve optimal performance. The company also provides free consultancy and updates or modifies systems, computers and networks to improve their functionalities, security and user-friendliness.