Marine and Offshore


Unlike other locations, marine and offshore sites are isolated from the mainland, which poses increased levels of risk if critical situations occur. By keeping your team in constant contact, our two-way radios offer an extra layer of protection that helps to safeguard your personnel and vital equipment while enhancing site productivity and efficiency.


DURABILITY IN HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS. Specifically engineered for marine and offshore settings, two-way radios endure harsh conditions without their performance being affected. A robust design offers effective protection against water, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and impacts, maintaining functionality even in the roughest seas or harshest weather conditions.

INSTANT COMMUNICATION. The instantaneous nature of two-way radios supports rapid decision-making, which can be critical for improving productivity and avoiding safety risks. Real-time transmission minimizes latency in critical exchanges, enabling swift adjustments to operational strategies and enhancing safety protocols. If a serious incident does occur, personnel can communicate quickly to instigate a rapid and proportionate response.

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE. With extended battery life and energy-saving features, our two-way marine radios guarantee continuous operation throughout shifts. Optimised power consumption ensures prolonged use without interruptions which is crucial for maintaining constant communication in isolated or emergency situations.

RELIABLE CONNECTIVITY. In the unpredictable maritime environment in which conventional devices, such as mobile phones, may struggle to function, two-way radios guarantee uninterrupted communication. By intelligently switching between frequencies, they overcome the problem of dead zones or interference caused by adverse weather conditions. Reliability is essential for immediate responses during emergencies and to ensure that critical information reaches the right people without delay.

GROUP COMMUNICATION. By enabling seamless interaction between multiple team members, two-way radios for marine and offshore sites facilitate simultaneous communication within crews or across different departments. Group communication fosters collaboration and improves efficiency, as the same message doesn’t have to be repeated over and over to keep everyone informed.

INTEGRATED SAFETY FEATURES. Equipped with advanced safety features, including SOS alerts, GPS tracking, and man-down detection, two-way offshore radios improve site safety. SOS alerts instantly notify designated responders in emergencies, while GPS tracking ensures the accurate location monitoring of stafffor swift rescue operations. Man-down detection triggers alarms when a worker is immobilised or in distress, expediting the emergency response.


  • One-touch push-to-talk (PTT)operation for instant individual or group communication.
  • A durable and waterproof design that is resilient in the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Integration with third-party equipment to provide real-time information to operatives and maintenance staff about their status.
  • Extensive range that means staff are always in touch, even in offshore locations with poor or patchy network quality.
  • Lone worker and man-down features to protect the wellbeing of personnel if an accident occurs.
  • DSC calling capability to alert ships and onshore stations of your MMSI number.
  • Noise cancellation to ensure conversations aren’t affected by background noise, such as wind, waves, or machinery.
  • GPS tracking so that the whereabouts of all staff can be quickly checked, thereby improving safety.